Destiny 2: What we know – news, trailer, rumors

After the first big information swing now follows further rumors to “Destiny 2“. A leaked document borders the start dates of the two extensions.

Destiny 2
“Destiny 2” is coming! That made Activision end of March 2017 officially. The game will be released on September 8, 2017, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Right – for PC!

After the predecessor appeared only on consoles, Activision heard the fans and brings the successor to start on the PC. The official information is now new rumors join.

Relating to the previously announced extensions to “Destiny 2”.

Destiny 2: Two extensions, deadline Leak

Activision released the first info momentum details about the contents of the various versions of “Destiny 2” – and therefore announces two enhancements. The product description lush Collector’s Edition about speaking of the expansions 1 and 2, which expand the game with new story missions, co-op missions, multiplayer contents and weapons and equipment.

Here Activision and Bungie follow the pattern of Part 1, which also got some enfold rich add-ons missed. A surfaced on the net GameSpot document now limits the Start dates: thus, the first add-on will appear in winter 2017, the second in the spring 2018th

Destiny 2: Pre-order available, access to Beta

You can pre-order “Destiny 2” currently in several variants. In the Limited Edition in addition to the main game, the two extensions and some extras are included – about a legendary sword for your game character, a Steelbook case and a collector’s box.

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The Collector’s Edition alongside the main game and DLC offers, among other game items and weapons as well as a “Frontier” bag with a side compartment for 15-inch tablets and a “Frontier” kit with solar-powered USB charger.
For which you pay currently just under 250 euros – a large package.

Pre-order – regardless of version – also have access to the beta, which will start in the summer 2017th

Destiny 2: Details Story

With the official announcement, there was also the first details story of “Destiny 2”. In the new part of the last safe city in the world has fallen. The new adversary Ghaul has the tower with its red Legion – the scene of the first part – filled.

The power of the guardian disappears and the few survivors fled. They present themselves as part of the vanguard of the Legion and the armed forces of the city have to regroup.

To take advantage of new weapons and abilities, fighting on Earth and other planets of the solar system. The skeleton of “Destiny” – the mix of solo missions, cooperative and multiplayer components – maintains developers Bungie.

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