DeLorean: Back to the production

DeLorean car, the one used in Back to the Future films, returns to production.

After a break of 34 years, those of the DeLorean Motor Company announced they would restart production of the legendary machine that appeared in the films Back to the Future. As stated NBC News website, the new DeLorean DMC-12 will be produced even in the United States.

“It’s fantastic. It will improve things for our company. I waited this long,” said Stephen Wynne, director of the company.

Apparently, the company is committed to building a very small number of models. It is, more specifically, about 300 models, each of which will cost at least $ 100,000, depending on the engine supplied.

In fact, the engine is among the few things that will be changed, with perhaps other technical aspects.

Design, however, will remain the same. The doors will open in the same way and metallic gray color will be preserved.

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Despite the huge popularity of the car, it was not produced in large numbers. According to information provided by NBC News, between 1981 and 1982, only 9,200 such vehicles were built in its factory in Belfast, Northern Ireland, before the company’s bankruptcy.

Stephen Wynne, who is behind the effort to reintroduce vehicle market, started in 1995 to sell reconditioned vehicles, DeLorean, for amounts between 45,000 and 55,000 dollars.

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