Death Stranding will arrive on November 8, it will be exclusive to PS4

PlayStation Taiwan has confirmed through its official Facebook account that Death Stranding will arrive on November 8, a game that, for now, is emerging as an exclusive for PS4-PS4 Pro. We do not know if it will be temporary or total, but some sources have commented that it could end up having a PC version.

Hideo Kojima is at the forefront of this project, which, frankly, I think is too cryptic. The information that has been arriving can be measured “with droppers”, and for the time being it has made it possible to clarify nothing about the plot or about the playability that Death Stranding will offer.

We know that this game is being developed on the Decima Engine graphics engine, a work of Guerrilla Games and a key piece in the creation of such popular games as Killzone Shadow Fall, Horizon Zero Dawn and Until Dawn. It is, as you have been able to imagine, an optimized graphics engine to get the most out of PS4-PS4 Pro.

A couple of days ago we told you that today was the day chosen by Kojima to show a new trailer for Death Stranding and that we could also have new details about it, both at the technical level and at the beginning of the reserve period, but for now, the official PlayStation channel on Twitch has limited to looping a video covered in part by black areas and hands that show only small spaces of the same.

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With the passage of time, the visible space is getting bigger, so soon we will be able to see the new Death Stranding trailer completely. In spite of everything I can share with you some impressions of what I have managed to see through those small spaces:

  • We have a sandbox type of development, with open stages and a certain freedom of action.
  • We can explore the scenarios using ropes and stairs to reach seemingly inaccessible places.
  • The setting has clear apocalyptic tints. It seems as if humanity is on the verge of extinction, and fertility is something fundamental.
  • There will be action and close combat, and also scenes in which we must be careful to avoid the dangers of “black mud”.
  • On a technical level, it seems to score at a high level, but there is nothing that we have not seen in previous triple-A games.
  • We will update the article as soon as the official trailer appears without any type of mark that prevents you from seeing it correctly. What is promised is debt, below you have the complete trailer:

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