Daydream 2.0: Will add support for Chrome, Google Cast and improve IU

Today Google has had a keynote focused on virtual reality and augmented reality. It is in the same event that has announced Daydream 2.0, a major upgrade ready to arrive later in the year and which will also benefit users of the Galaxy S8.

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The update has been codenamed ‘Euphrates’ and adds Chrome, more sharing facilities, and an improved interface. That Chrome is introduced in Daydream 2.0 means that you can explore the web while you are in virtual reality.

Exploring the web while it is submerged in VR

Chrome in Daydream will allow, thanks to the driver that will be the tool that can perform various actions, that users explore the web while they are in the VR.

WebVR content can even be accessed with the same capabilities as the web or mobile version, as it is the Chrome synchronization so you have your favorite web pages at hand.

Daydream 2.0 will include an improved interface that stands out for a new ‘board’ from which notifications or adjustments to change Wi-Fi network can be accessed.

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As an extra, it will add the ability to switch between apps, with the idea that you do not need to leave virtual reality to move from one experience to another.

The same objective that is also to be able to realize captures of the screen, either in video or in images.

Google wants to go even further so that the user can watch videos on YouTube accompanied by more people, and thus share the same experience from the same virtual space.

All devices compatible with Daydream will be able to receive news from ‘Euphrates’, which also include the Galaxy S8 and Samsung S8 plus.

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