DARK SOULS – THE BOARD GAME, funded in just 3 minutes

Board Game site of the Dark Souls from Steamforged Games has achieved target on Kickstarted in just three minutes.

At the time of writing, gathered nearly nine times the amount originally required (£ 50,000), with a total of over £ 440,000. The campaign ends on May 16, which means it has available another 26 days.

Created in partnership with Namco Bandai, Dark Souls – The Board Game is described as “a highly immersive game about exploration and struggle,” designed for 1-4 players. As the video game Dark Souls, the boardgame will require “strategic thinking” and “smart planning” so you can succeed.

You’ll be able to play in solo mode, and in co-op mode and you will be able to choose a “number of core classes in Dark Souls.” The best news is that the game can be shipped anywhere.

Those who finance the game will receive a variety of models for the characters, bosses, game boards, cards, dice and others. While the campaign continues and objectives are achieved, they will be released add-ons, and financiers will be able to buy increasing amounts deposited.

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The campaign Kickstarter for Dark Souls – The Board Game comes just days after the launch of Dark Souls III on April 12, which the developer said days ago that set a new record for the number of sales on the first day, but without and provide statistics.

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