Dark Souls 3: Ultimate challenge with the Fire-Fades-Edition

Dark Souls 3 has been on the market for a while. But now the bock-heavy rolling game is back for those who want the complete challenge.

Dark Souls 3: Ultimate challenge with the Fire-Fades-Edition
With the Fire-Fades-Edition you get the main game including DLCs and all the obstacles the Dark-Souls series has to offer.

The Dark Souls series is undoubtedly one of the most difficult Triple-A games on the market. Anyone who faces the challenges of the bullying role play must expect some curses, a lot of anger, but also a tremendous success.

And with Dark Souls 3: Fire Fades Edition, there is now a real challenge for those who want to prove themselves.

Because the Fire Fades edition of Dark Souls 3 brings not only the main game, which for some is already too difficult but also the two DLCs “Ashes of Ariandel” and “The Ringed City” into the package. This means you are certainly busy for several hours.

The Fire-Fades-Edition is currently available for about 60 Euros for PS4 and Xbox One. As always, PC gamers save a few euros. The version for the domestic use costs about 50 euros.

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For fans who have already mastered all the contents of Dark Souls 3, of course, just shrug their shoulders and ask themselves where the supply remains. Current, y it is not yet known what the developer studio From Software is working on.

Many hope for a worthy sequel to Bloodborne, which may then also appear for several platforms. Others are hoping that the studio has completely new paths and perhaps a Sci-Fi-Rollenspiel in the work has. We can only be sure when the makers leave the cat out of the sack.

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