Cyanogen reportedly cuts jobs, may shift its focus toward apps

Cyanogen has all the earmarks of being experiencing a noteworthy shakeup, as indicated by reports from Android Police and Recode.

Referring to “numerous sources,” Android Police reported Friday that the organization was “amidst laying off a huge part of its workforce around the globe.” According to Android Police’s sources, the organization has laid off around 20 percent of its staff, however, the report noticed that “it’s vague” whether more representatives will likewise lose their occupations.

Recode affirmed the report Friday evening with its own sources and included that Cyanogen “is said to take a shot at another methodology being supervised by recently employed Chief Operating Officer Lior Tal,” some time ago of Facebook.

The story behind the story: Cyanogen has for quite some time been a staple of the Android aficionado group. The organization became out of CyanogenMod, an open-source extend that made a tweaked adaptation of Android. As of late, CyanogenMod went from an apparatus for tinkerers into an undeniable other option to Google’s standard adaptations of Android, and advanced onto a couple phones, for example, the OnePlus One.

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Yet, as Recode notes, Cyanogen experiences considerable difficulties telephone creators in manufacturing telephones around its Android variation, which appears to have made this previous week’s employment cuts inescapable.

What’s next for Cyanogen?

In spite of the fact that it’s not so much clear what happens next, one source tells Android Police that Cyanogen might move toward concentrating on applications, however, the report keeps on expressing that, “it’s not clear what such a turn would involve.”

Moving to an application-driven center would not as a matter, of course, mean CyanogenMod would vanish, but rather it might permit the organization to convey some of CyanogenMod’s list of capabilities to a more extensive gathering of people of Android clients. Regardless of whether that would be sufficient to stem the tide and balance out the organization is impossible to say, so meanwhile, we’ll need to kick back and perceive how everything plays out.

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