Create backups for iOS devices with AnyTrans wirelessly

iMobie has just introduced a new technology in their iOS file manager AnyTrans called the Air Backup. With the new feature, an iPhone backup via Wi-Fi network is created more easily and securely on the computer automatically.

The loss of important data is not only annoying but also often brings negative impact on everyday life and work. That’s why a backup is extremely important for iOS users, so you can backup and restore all iPhone content.

But normally, the backup process of iTunes is very time consuming and most users have no patience to back up the file themselves on a regular basis. The automatic iCloud backup is wonderful, but its free storage is still not enough and its security is finally in doubt. For iOS users, it’s urgent to find a cheaper and safer alternative to iCloud.

Air Backup – The comparison of iCloud

“Air Backup is a whole new way to automatically secure iOS devices over a Wi-Fi network,”

says Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie Inc.

“As long as users connect their iPhone to Wi-Fi, AnyTrans will be a local backup make fast on the computer. Not only media files such as photos, videos but also personal data such as contacts, messages, notes and even system settings are stored in the designated locations. The content in it is only available to the users, which guarantees the security of their privacy. “

The backup files backed up by Air Backup can be selectively exported to a computer via AnyTrans. That’s why Air Backup function is, so to speak, the comparison of iCloud.

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More flexible and secure backup solution than iTunes

iTunes is a recognized iOS device backup tool that can back up the entire device. But because of time constraints and different preferences, users want more backup options, AnyTrans seems to be an ideal alternative.

With AnyTrans “Device Manager” you can save iOS data via USB cable to the PC, Mac, iCloud or iTunes for backup. In addition, AnyTrans allows the user to extract data from the iPhone backup and even access the specific data. That’s the big advantage over backing up with iTunes because normally you can not preview the messages or other personal information in the iTunes backup.

  • All-in-One iOS File Manager makes data management easier
  • AnyTrans is a comprehensive iOS file manager that makes managing iPhone & iPad data easier.

Price and availability

AnyTrans is available for Mac and Windows and costs from 39,99EUR for a single license with a free lifetime upgrade and 1 & 1 top-level tech support. In addition, there are various licensing options with great savings and generous gifts.

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