Cookie blocking on Safari infuriates advertisers

This week we have been inundated by news related to Apple. While the iPhone X took the lead, some important changes are coming that should not go unnoticed.

The main groups of advertisers (six, specifically) in the United States have not liked anything in the plan that Apple intends to carry out in the next version of Safari, seeking to reduce the follow-up that advertising does on our habits and tastes on the Internet.

4A’s, American Advertising Federation, Association of National Advertisers, Interactive Advertising Bureau, The Data & Marketing Association and Network Advertising Initiative have signed a statement in which they claim to be very unhappy with the updated cookie management that will arrive on 25 September.

Until now they were kept for 30 days and Apple wants to delete the cookies after 24 hours

The main change is that Apple will remove cookies after 24 hours. In this way, it will avoid that you can keep track of the user’s browsing habits.

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Obviously, this change has infuriated advertisers and is a significant change over the 30-day crawl that the browser so far offered.

Let’s not forget that Safari is the most used browser in the United States from mobile devices, with 52% of the market. It is followed by Google Chrome with 39%, according to the latest data provided by StatCounter.

Advertisers say that this change has been done “unilaterally” without giving users another option. It is good to know that Apple continues to bet on the privacy of its users, although this decision raises important changes in the business of Internet advertising.

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