Consortium: The Tower is successful in the Fig

Original Consortium, a title FPS / RPG praised for his ideas, not necessarily to finish their degree, was released in 2014 Interdimensional Games.

Earlier this year, the studio opened Kickstarter funding campaign for Consortium: The Tower, which needed $ 300,000 to be developed. Although the premise of the game, combining elements of its predecessor with Deus Ex, drew attention to the campaign failed.

In weekend’s passed, Interdimensional Games tried his luck on Fig, a competitor of Kickstarter, and in just two days, Consortium: The Tower has raised $ 275,000 of the $ 300,000 needed.

One reason is that the impending success Fig donors can become investors.

In the case of the present game, the providers can receive $ 250 cash back if he will be sold over 53,000 copies, and if the title will pass 1 million units, each investor will earn $ 4.200.

Since Fig service is a freshly opened launch will have to wait for other games (Psychonauts 2, Jay and Silent Bob) to check promises.

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