Chrome 62 now available, with 35 security updates and one click to mute websites

Chrome 62

The stable version of Google Chrome 62 for the Windows desktop, Linux and macOS are now available. Notably, this update includes 35 security updates that were contributed by several external investigators.

Along with the new version of the browser have also launched a new Chrome Cleanup, a tool to make browsing more secure in Windows and help users to avoid unwanted software.

To this end, the Chrome team worked with the security company ESET, widely known for its anti-virus protection system.

The new Chrome Cleanup is simpler and simplifies the process of removing unwanted junk from Chrome, such as applications or extensions that hijack the search engine or home page. Just visit chrome: // settings / resetProfileSettings every time you need to reset your profile.

New experimental functions

Several of the most interesting new features of Chrome 62 rest under a Chrome Flag. If you do not know what they are, it is still somewhat experimental functions that you have to activate from a menu of settings somewhat hidden.

We had already commented recently that Chrome would soon let you permanently silence entire websites, in Chrome 62 it is possible to activate this function by going to chrome: // flags / # sound-content-setting and changing the status to “Enabled”.

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Unlike the option to silence tab, this lets you override the sound of a web every time you enter it, and not just the tab at that time.

Another function that is being worked on and included with Chrome 62 is the blocking of pop-up tabs without the user’s permission. This is different from the popups we all know, to prevent a web open tabs within the browser was not possible so far, but with Chrome 62 is starting to implement.

If you use the browser you can check your version by going to chrome://settings/help and waiting for the update to be downloaded to restart and install.

For now, we only have the availability announcement on the Chrome Releases blog, you can also see the huge list of changes on the Chromium website.

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