What happens if you cheat on The Division

Cheating in multiplayer games is a very despicable act and frustrating, and those from Ubisoft will prevent such actions in The Division long term.

Over the years, there have been multiple online tools that can be used by gamers to cheat the system in multiplayer games, especially in the case of very popular shooters, such as Counterstrike. It seems that appeared in The Division who cheat users and Ubisoft wants to permanently eliminate those from the list of players.

Through a new update to be released next week for The Division, in addition to numerous fixes bugs will be an integrated system laborious reporting to Ubisoft those who cheat in games multiplayer or through gestures virtual creates problems, other players. The reports will be considered carefully, and those who will discover that cheating will be banned permanently. That means you will never ever be able to enjoy the multiplayer component of The Division.

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In the first stage, cheaters will be warned and will receive a suspended three days. If you do not learn the lesson and continue to cheat, when they are caught a second time, they will be permanently banned. In this particular case, no one will have the opportunity to fail a third time.

In theory, cheating in The Division should not be very easy, since there is already an integrated permitting system in the multiplayer servers. But because it is not perfect, starting April 12, will be enough to write in the console or in the chat window / report followed by the player’s name and press Enter to confirm.

In other news, Ubisoft warns players not to abuse the reporting function, it is possible that some opponents are much better than you.

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