CES 2016: You can connect over 200 smart gadgets the new TVs Samsung

Samsung announced through a press release, the entire line of 2016 Samsung Smart TVs will be compatible with the technology Internet of Things (IoT) and will benefit from connection SmartThings platform.

SmartThings is an open platform that allows users to connect, manage and monitor devices and smart services.

UHD TVs Smart TV range in 2016 are also compatible with IoT technology, which turns them into smart homes command center. Samsung has developed its own technology hub IoT through SmartThings SUHD 2016 range of TVs.

Smart TVs can connect and control devices and sensors SmartThings Samsung, and other compatible devices SmartThings 200. These include the lights and locks connected to thermostats and cameras made by third-party manufacturers, all to the highest quality standards.

For full support for compatible products SmartThings SmartThings Extend USB adapter is required.
At CES 2016 Samsung TVs will present future and will demonstrate how the new Samsung Smart TV ecosystem become IoT development center.

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SmartThings allows users to access all their smart devices directly from the smartphone or TV SUHD. With SmartThings application, people can easily connect and manage all devices in the smart home, and related services through a single intuitive interface.

With an external video cameras connected to Samsung Smart TV, users can check if visitors have come and choose to open the door of the house directly on the couch. Alerts motion sensors can announce on the TV screen when motion is detected outside the house, thus providing increased security to home, even when users are not at home.

Cinema function SmartThings Mood application facilitates creating a perfect environment for a home cinema. This allows automatic adjustment of ambient light and sound system, so as to achieve optimum conditions for viewing a movie.
All SUHD TVs in 2016 will be compatible with SmartThings technology, but its functionality will be activated regionally as SmartThings will expand the availability of the platform.

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