CES 2016: Oculus Rift gets a discounted bundle with Alienware and Dell PCs

The Oculus Rift announced its launch price a few days ago to the disappointment of some with its high price. But if you’re looking to pick up the virtual reality headset at a slight discount the VR company has teamed up with Dell for a special Alienware bundle.

At a closed event, Alienware Co-Founder Fran Azor and Founder of Oculus Palmer Lucky announced the Rift will come priced at $399 (about £273, AU$566) when bundled with every Oculus Rift ready Alienware X51 R3 gaming desktops or Dell XPS 8900 towers. The bundle takes 200 smackers off the Rift’s original $599 (£499, AU$649) price.

On top of the discount, the Oculus Rift will come with all the bundled software including EVE Valkyrie and Lucky’s tale.

As with the regular Oculus Rift pre-orders, we expect these Alienware and Dell bundles will arrive in late March.

  • The Oculus Rift has been a big deal at CES 2016

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