CES 2016: Motorola branded phones are officially dead

“Motorola,” a word that is synonymous with the birth of cell phones, will no longer be used to name them.

Motorola branding will “slowly phase out” of phones this year, Motorola Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh told CNET. In its place, Lenovo, which owns Motorola Mobility, will take over branding duties.

The “Moto” name is sticking around and will be used for high-end handsets, while Lenovo’s homegrown Vibe will be used for budget phones. These handsets will have a blue Lenovo logo on them – the Moto X will have Lenovo branding on it, for example – and the batwing M is sticking around, too.

Motorola isn’t completely going away: It’ll be the name of a division under Lenovo. All of Lenovo’s mobile operations will now fall under Osterloh and Co., making it easier to bring Vibe phones to places currently the exclusive domain of Motos. The opposite is also true.

It’s not much of a shock that Motorola, once a name that invoked products on the cutting edge of mobile technology, is becoming obsolete, given the surge in popularity of Apple, Samsung and even HTC. Still, it may cause a pang of nostalgia for some to now that they’re Motorola phones are the part of a dying breed.

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