CES 2016: Meet Ray, Misfit’s versatile new activity tracker

The recently acquired Misfit is at CES in Las Vegas this year, along with just about every other gadget-maker on the planet, and it’s been showing off its latest fitness tracker: the Misfit Ray.

Small and cylindrical, it can be worn on a band or a necklace without feeling like . The single LED and a vibration alert provide feedback as well as notifications from your smartphone, while it gets on with its primary job of tracking your sleep and your various activities.

Essentially, the 12mm x 38mm tube does everything a Misfit Shine 2 does but in a more stylish casing: it uses a replaceable battery that lasts six months, is water resistant up to 50 metres, and works with Misfit Link for controlling other devices, just like the Shine 2.

That’s not all, folks

Misfit says its the “most versatile” tracker it’s produced yet – “Its elemental, interchangeable design makes it easy to personalise,” reads the press release.

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“Ray can be elegant or sporty, sensual or bold, striking or subtle.” Available in rose gold or carbon black and on sale in spring 2016, US folks can preorder the Ray now for US$99.99 (roughly £68 or AU$139).

Misfit Spectre

Also on the way from Misfit in the coming months are the Spectre wireless in-ear headphones (apparently not officially associated with a certain British secret agent).

Promising “clean, rich sound quality”, the headphones can connect to Misfit trackers and Misfit Link devices.

We don’t have pricing or release details for the Spectre headphones but if we can glean more information from the Misfit booth in Las Vegas we’ll pass it on.

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