ces 2016: Chevy introduces the production Bolt EV

GM took to the stage at CES 2016 to introduce the production 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, which brings 200-miles of all-electric driving to the masses. The Bolt is engineered from the ground up to be an electric car with a flat battery pack and completely enclosed underbody in a practical hatchback design.

There’s no mention of the battery capacity, but Chevy quotes the 9-hours for a full charge with a 240-volt Level 2 charging station. Pricing is expected to be under $30,000, after a $7,500 US federal tax incentive.

Chevy Bolt

The Bolt doesn’t just bring extended range to mainstream car buyers, but a new infotainment system and driver assist technologies too. There’s a new 10.2-inch Chevy MyLink infotainment system with a gesture control, customizable user interface, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support and EV-enhanced navigation. The integrated navigation functions provide routes that maximize driving range and provide charging station locations.

Chevy Bolt

Optional driver assist technologies include a rear camera mirror, Surround Vision 360-degree camera system, forward pedestrian alert, forward collision alert, blind-spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert.

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The Chevy Bolt is expected towards the end of the year and should give the recently refreshed Nissan Leaf some tough competition.

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