Captain America: Civil War defeats Deadpool receipts

If there is any doubt about the effectiveness of cinematic Marvel universe at the box office, it has just been shattered Captain America: Civil War.

It is almost inevitable not to have seen a film built around Marvel characters in cinema in recent years. More fascinating than that is the fact that almost every film, exceeds previous receipts.

It is enough to look at Captain America: Civil War and the spectacular collections registered by it to have an overview.

In principle, 2016, until now, has already been charged by a few titles potentially spectacular record at Box Office, The Jungle Book, Zootopia or Batman V Superman.

Also, do not forget the Deadpool movie history who wrote in the receipts from cinema films when it comes to minors prohibited. In other news, however, Deadpool is also part of the MCU – Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it is related to X-Men series.

Has just been officially confirmed in 2016, Captain America: Civil War became the most profitable movie. The information comes from Box Office Mojo associate who grossed 372.6 million dollars in the US alone the newest movie from Marvel superheroes.

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The second position in the ranking is occupied by Deadpool predictably with 362.8 million dollars.

Globally, the situation is no less pink for Captain America: Civil War. The latest statistics confirmed threshold being exceeded $ 1.1 billion globally, compared with 736 million registered Deadpool. Conceptually, Deadpool has a chance after will arrive in theaters in Japan on June 1.

Movies built around Marvel characters and generates a lot of money every year for at least the next 10, we see each new film. It remains to see whether a recipe will give time to work.

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