Call of Duty WWII release date November 3rd and first trailer

The next Call of Duty WWII will mark, as its name suggests, the return to the Second World War, the context of the first three episodes of the series.

Call of Duty WWII

However, we are promised a more authentic, realistic and intense approach, evidenced by the first trailer of the game which remains very focused on the big show, dear to the series.

PC, PS4 and Xbox One Players will thus have the opportunity to relive once again the terrible world conflict and in particular, its outcome, embodying several protagonists during the single player campaign.

On the program, the inevitable landing in Normandy, of course, as well as the liberation of Paris then the advance in Germany and the battle of the forest of Hürtgen.

Returning to the era of the Second World War, Call of Duty returns to its origins, as it was the theater of operations of the first three opuses (from 2003 on PC, then consoles also) and the fifth ( The World at War, 2008).

Players of the early 2000s may see this as a lack of inspiration, while the younger generation will discover a context that is never lacking interest when it comes to FPS.

One can not help but think that it would have been possible to tackle other periods of history after several very futuristic episodes, which actually began to turn in circles.

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If the big show, the trademark of the series, will in any case always be present, Activision ensures that the studio Sledgehammer Games has made sure to create “an authentic, poignant and cinematographic experience” taking care to highlight “The human dimension of battles”.

We can, therefore, hope for a slightly more Band of Brothers experience than Saving Private Ryan if we compare this new Call of Duty WWII to these two cinematographic references.

The multiplayer will obviously be part of the game and will introduce the functionality of the Divisions which is “a new approach to characters and class creation”.

A war game mode will also be proposed, while players will be able to find themselves in one of the Headquarters. Without many surprises, the Zombies mode will also be present, with, you can imagine … Nazi zombies!

Nothing very original though, but it was hard to miss out on. This mode Nazi Zombies will be playable in cooperation.

While waiting to learn more at E3 from 13 to 15 June, Call of Duty WWII pre-orders are already open. The game will be available in standard edition or with a seasonal pass in its Digital Deluxe version.

The Pro edition adds a few bonuses and a metal collector box. Note that a private beta will be held first on PS4 before the release of the game.

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