When can we buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +?

As always, months before the presentation of the best mobile phones of the year, we began to see many leaks about them where they let us see how they would be in a lot of detail.

Today, another filtration, lets us see when we could start buying the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, which will be Samsung’s high-end for the first half of the year.

Samsung does not have much to change in 2018

In this year, we finally saw a design change that the company needed, and will keep it for a while with small changes since it is the most novel thing that has been presented till the date. Improve some aspects such as the screen ratio, increasing everything you can, and above all, the famous fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 that so little liked.

Apart, it seems that Samsung will finally reward the Plus version as it did with the S7 Edge. In this case, it was not Plus version and not Plus, but Edge and not Edge.

The S7 had a smaller screen, but above all, did not have the new Samsung curved screen, while this year, the only difference between the two versions has been the screen size.

In 2018, the difference between the two high-end Samsung is the fact that one will incorporate a double camera and another not.

It will do the same strategy of Apple to launch the largest device with a single photographic section in its catalog, making there are more reasons to buy the Plus version and not only the size, since many times, they opt for the cheapest if it is the only reason.

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Samsung Galaxy S9: presentation on February 27 and purchase in March

Although we are not yet in 2018, we already see many rumors that point quite out to the presentation of the Galaxy S9.

Last year, Samsung did not arrive in time to do so at the MWC because of its processors, who were not yet prepared to have a big change between one generation and another, but as the changes are less this year, Samsung will have the possibility to present it before.

According to this image, we can see that Samsung would have chosen the 27th of February for its presentation, something quite strange given that it has always done it on Sunday, the first day of the Mobile, but this time it has chosen a Tuesday.

It is also possible that it will be presented on February 25, one day before the fair begins and that the 27th is a more private event within the Mobile World Congress. Its sale date, according to rumors, would be in mid-March.

This year we do not expect many changes, only that Samsung improves everything we saw in 2017, much like the change between Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6, fixing faults and optimizing the terminal as much as possible.

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