Buy a 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription and get 3 more free

Payment subscriptions to play online and have access to certain content is something that is becoming more fashionable.

Xbox Live Gold

The fashion started Microsoft with Xbox Live payment for the Xbox and little by little has been gathering strength among the rest of companies. So we saw how you went to pay from PS3 to PS4 for example or as Nintendo has in mind for 2018 Switch OnLine.

It is something that many users, especially PC users do not like. And is that they argue that to play on PC does not require monthly or annual subscriptions.

Playing online is free and so should be on the console. But leaving aside this war, the truth is that among the platforms of this type is Microsoft’s Xbox Live which has taken the cat to the water.

And is that to play online on Xbox 360 and Xbox One is necessary to be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, a service that also gives access to content with promotions such as special prices or the ability to download some games for free each month.

Titles that we can play without having to pay anything in return although usually, they are titles with a certain route.

A subscription that we can buy for months or annually and that is not precisely cheap, something that has always raised the complaints of users.

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And is that a year of Xbox Live Gold costs 59.99 euros, amount that drops to 19.99 euros if it is limited to three months and to 6.99 euros if we do it per month.

Therefore, it is more profitable yearly but pays € 59.99 …

This has led Microsoft to try to enhance the subscription payment with an offer that insurance is well received by potential stakeholders. A temporary offer for which they give away an extra three months to get us a Xbox Live Gold subscription for a year.

So for 59.99 euros, we will have access to a total of 15 months in which to be able to make use of the online game and to accede to the different promotions that are happening.

A subscription that can be acquired from the Web page of the Store of Microsoft but does not forget, since it is only available until June 4.

In addition, we remind you that Xbox Live Gold is independent of Xbox Game Pass, the new offer of the Redmond to be able to access for the payment of a monthly fee of 9.99 euros to a series of games that will increase gradually and in From Xbox One games to retro-compatible Xbox 360 games.

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