The 3 best Xbox One games of 2016

Xbox One has outdone competitors on various facets including game quality. 2016 is no different.

These are a few of the best Xbox one games of 2016 for consumers to consider.

Tomb Raider:

Tomb Raider
Rise of Tomb Raider which is the second reboot of the original. The familiar interface, characters, themes, and game play mechanics, are all game features which those who love the original series also love with this game.

The day and night cycles, weather systems, changing interfaces and locations, are all well done, and graphics are spectacular in one of the top rated Xbox games on the market.


For the shooter game enthusiast, this is a top option to consider investing in as well.

The first person game has multiplayer options, is full of fun, high tech and high quality graphic shooter options players can engage with.

Battle arena elements, and distinct character and game profiles you won’t find with other games, is sure to impress players who enjoy this genre of play.

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Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3
The Dark Soul series is one which fans have come to love due to the complexity of the games, the characters, development, and the fact that it is extremely difficult to beat the game and enemies along the way.

More exploration, builder features, expanded character base, and ability to build and design your own characters, are a few of the upgrades which players are bound to enjoy with this third game in the series of the ever popular Dark Souls series for the Xbox console.

No matter what style of gaming players enjoy, there are countless top games from which they can choose in 2016 for the Xbox one console.

For shooter, and players who enjoy series style games, these are a few of the top rated, as well as the most purchased games to date, for the current gaming year.

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