The best boombox available in 2018

The best boombox available in 2018If you are looking for a new boombox in 2018, there are quite a few to choose from. Wireless and wired, plug-ins, wi-fi, and Bluetooth capabilities. There are so many features to consider when the time comes to buy.

And, of course, brand name, size, and of course the price, are relevant factors when purchasing the best boombox. So, when the time comes to buy, these are some of the top models available today.

Jensen 490

Jensen 490
This “sports” model boombox is a great little music-player for use anywhere. It is efficient, it is easy to transport, and it is compact. It has a CD player, it has a nice set of speakers on the front, and at only 3.4 pounds it is easy to transport anywhere. It has basic features, great bass and volume control, you can connect it to large speakers, and it can fit almost anywhere. The main drawbacks are short battery life and it can’t read all CDs; apart from that, a great option for transportability and affordability.

JAM Party Box

JAM Party Box 
This compact device is ideal for a party, gathering, or a pool party. It can be used both wired or wireless if you are using it outdoors. The volume control is exceptional for this player. It is slim and compact, so it is not going to weigh you down when carrying or using it outdoors.

It comes in different color options, it has a great battery life of up to 12 hours, and Bluetooth is not going to die in and out as is the case with other boomboxes. It doesn’t have auxiliary cables or a master reset button but does offer several great features for a reasonable price apart from this.

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Sony SZ

Sony SZ 
For those who want the “futuristic” look and style, this is a great boombox to choose from Sony. It is compact, light, yet it delivers powerful bass and sound quality control with the twist of a dial. 20 watts, impressive sound quality, and up to 26 hours of listening capabilities on a single charge are some of the perks of this boombox system.

It has six preset options for listening and you can sync it with party lights to liven up any space when you have a party with several guests. There is an FM/AM tuner, a CD player, it is Bluetooth, and it can quickly and easily sync with other music players if you want to connect an iPod or other devices to live stream the music you want to play.

There are quite a few boomboxes available from which you can choose to purchase today. For those who want to buy wireless, those who want various features, simplistic design and use, and portability, these are a few of the top options available.

And, in terms of pricing, you are going to find that these will not set you back too far when investing in any of these boomboxes for use at home, in a party, or for outdoor use.

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