Best Apps for Reading Gaming News

The gaming industry evolves so quickly that it’s often difficult for players to keep up with the latest news. Without the right news apps, you could miss out on the best games, not to mention tips that will help you reach your gaming goals. Add these four apps for reading gaming news to make sure you never fall behind.

IGN Entertainment

Price: Free

Operating system: Android and iOS

IGN Entertainment has been one of the most prominent video game publications since its founding in 1996. The IGN Entertainment app gives you access to all of the news you would typically get through your gaming console or Roku. With the app, though, you get the latest news right on your smartphone.

IGN Entertainment publishes a wide range of news to keep you in the know. Some of the app’s best features include its game release schedule, game trailers, and editor reviews. You can also find plenty of tips and tricks to get you through difficult stages of practically any game.

Considering that IGN Entertainment has been around for over two decades, it’s not surprising to see that the company’s app stands out as one of your best news options. When you want the latest gaming news, you can’t go wrong with IGN Entertainment.


Price: Free

Operating system: Android and iOS

GameStop is uniquely suited to people who purchase their video games at GameStop stores. The app lets you view new and pre-owned video games in the company’s catalog. You can even use it to see if your local store carries the titles you want. If you choose to buy the game, your app will tell the store to hold it for you.

GameStop is most useful for people who belong to PowerUp Rewards. Once you download the app, you can track your points, view discount offers, and redeem your points for rewards. The app also keeps a log of which games you buy and sell, so you’ll never forget which titles you have at home.

Appy Gamer

Price: Free

Operating system: Android and iOS

Appy Gamer aggregates news from hundreds of sources to give you the latest information and tips. Any decent app developer could do that, of course. Appy Gamer takes a huge step forward by personalizing your experience. Over time, the app learns what types of titles and news you are interested in. This customization helps it give you information that you will want to read. Instead of searching through a bunch of news items you don’t care about, you can get right to the articles and videos that appeal to you.

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Appy Gamer is a highly visual app that uses a lot of videos and images as well as full-length articles. To get the most out of it, you’ll need a smartphone that has a superb display. The better your phone’s display is, the more you’ll like Appy Gamer. The Samsung Galaxy S7, for example, has a five-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display to give you the high-resolution visuals you want.


Image via Google Play

Price: Free

Operating system: Android and iOS

A lot of gaming news apps are like magazines or television shows. They’ll let you learn about games, but you don’t really get to experience what it’s like to play them. Twitch takes inspiration from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to let subscribers broadcast their games. Users can either do this live or publish recorded games to their channels.

Twitch lets you follow your favorite gamers to learn what titles they’re playing and how they get through difficult levels. Many game developers, including Sony, Riot Games, and Blizzard, have their own channels to share their latest work with fans, which you can also follow with Twitch. The app also has a chat feature so you can talk to your friends while watching videos.

Whether you play immersive games that require a lot of computing power or you just enjoy playing simple games on your mobile device, these four apps will keep you updated on your favorite genres and titles. Before you spend money on your next game, you should download these apps to learn more about what you’re buying. They could help you choose games that will quickly become your favorites.

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