BBC iPlayer has arrived on the new Apple TV, just in time for Christmas

Better late than never: the BBC iPlayer app is now available on the new Apple TV, just in time for Christmas.

The BBC has confirmed the app is now available to download, but only for owners of the latest Apple TV model. The app lets you view programs from the last 30 days as well as stream live BBC TV channels. You’ll also be able to stream any of your BBC Store purchases straight from the app.

Until now, Apple TV owners who wanted to enjoy iPlayer on the big screen had to stream content to their box inelegantly via an iPhone or iPad.

Meanwhile, iPlayer sat as a native app on Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and other streaming devices.

“With the launch of iPlayer on new Apple TV, I’m delighted we’ve been able to give people another way of accessing the full breadth and range of BBC programmes,” said Dan Taylor-Watt, Head of BBC iPlayer.

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And, the updates to our mobile and tablet apps mean we can now deliver more personalised recommendations of BBC programmes to viewers, as well as the ability to stream BBC Store purchases directly from the iPlayer app.”

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