Battlefield 1: password protected server soon to be inserted

Players of Battlefield 1 wish for since the launch of the game some extra features. Near the top of this list are a password-protected server. It is this wish could be fulfilled the Battlefield 1 players soon.

After all, the multiplayer makes a lot of fun and leaves nothing to be desired. And if there are requests from the community, the makers of Battlefield 1 make every effort to meet these. This could now soon be felt in the password-protected servers, as DICE Producer Ali Hassoon revealed on Twitter.

He wrote that the password protected servers from Battlefield 1 are nearing completion. However, the developers are not quite sure if they test out this feature before the official release first on a Community Test Environment (CTE short).

This would mean special servers where patches can be tested by the players beforehand.

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Currently not yet revealed the Battlefield 1 producer when the players can expect the CTE servers.

Perhaps the feature is indeed published together with the “They Shall Not Pass” -DLC appearing in March for Battlefield 1

This then brings the French forces including weapons and perhaps even a new card into play.

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