Battle Born: The first test ratings in the overview

Since yesterday Battle Born is officially available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Do You want the first tests and ratings for the shooter Borderlands creators? We have summarized them in this article for you.

For those who are now wondering what Battle Born as is and why you should just devote his attention to this Game: We have summarized why Battle Born could be better than previously thought – with video. Our first impression of the game you get also quite timely, the final vote there, however, only if we spent several days with the online component of the game.

Battle Born is often called MOBA while the focus is more on the shooter elements. With a pretty exterior and a lot of humor as a “Borderlands Light” Battle Born appears.

In the previous tests, it is criticized that the campaign from start to finish requires a lot of teamwork – ie single fighters have bad cards. In addition, the chapters of variety lack well; it is hoped that more will follow maps via additional content.

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Our first Test Result awaits you during the week. Until then, you read here a sample of our preview Summary of Battle Born:

I can before new games currently do not save. And yet my path always leads back to Battle Born. Because my level up of such diverse characters makes animal fun. Because the design is pleasing to the eye. Because I miss good co-op campaigns. And because of the multiplayer mode is meant for genre newcomers without back the challenge in the background.

First games sites have already published a test to Battle Born. Here you can find the current ratings of colleagues and international media:

The test scores to Battle Born in the overview.

Cheats: 82/100
IGN: 7.3 / 10 (preliminary evaluation)
Game Revolution: 4.5 / 5
Gaming Trend: 90/100

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