Battery comparison of the Galaxy Note 9 versus the iPhone XS Max

Until recently, high-end mobiles were synonymous with a fairly fair operating autonomy, leaving that honor for the most affordable mid-range. Something that has completely changed the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Precisely the battery of the Galaxy Note 9 faces the iPhone XS Max in this comparison in the video.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is in all the comparisons of the main top of the range, and of course, could not miss the result of its performance in Geekbench against other heavyweights such as Google Pixel 3 XL or iPhone XS.

The Galaxy Note 9 battery pulverizes the iPhone XS Max

We did not want to delay the result of the test since without a doubt the Samsung phone has asserted its biggest battery to win this test on the street. As you know, this year the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 stands out among other things for a battery of greater capacity, which reaches nothing less than the 4000mAh, a capacity that until now was only common to see in the mid-range.

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But here ends the mirage for the Apple phone, because from here when it comes to keeping the screen on, the battery of the iPhone XS Max decreases at a higher speed than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Whether browsing the Internet, social networks like Instagram, playing videos on YouTube or playing. Such is the speed at which the battery of the iPhone XS Max drops, that it goes off when running out of power when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 still has 37% left.

And everything after doing both mobiles exactly the same job. And all counting both mobile with screens of a similar size and similar technology. Undoubtedly this time the 4000mAh Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely a differential feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the high-end compared to the new Apple iPhone.

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