Baidu developing their own autonomous car

Called “the Chinese Google”, Baidu announced that its first autonomous car just completed a complicated route through the streets of Beijing. This achievement puts Baidu in the same league with Google in an effort to complete its autonomous car project.

Using a modified BMW 3 Series, Baidu has managed to conclude the planned route of 28 kilometers that includes several streets, roads and even highways around the Chinese capital.

The car makes all sorts of maneuvers, changed the direction of travel, went into overshoot and integrated into traffic on the motorway without problems.

The project was developed by Baidu in partnership with BMW and although they have announced that they wish to launch autonomous cars since summer, it’s hard to say whether the success of Chinese autonomous car truly marks the launch of the product.

Among the most important steps in building an autonomous machine, it is equipped with a set of extremely detailed maps of streets where every sign of movement and tape marked crosswalk to be entered in the machine software.

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In this way, the processor machine will “respect” rules of the road while the car’s sensors and optical equipment will keep pedestrians and other traffic incidents.

Although China has a database of Chinese auto routes, Baidu hopes that within five years all infrastructure in China to be scanned and ready for use when the new generation of autonomous cars.

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