For augmented reality project, Apple hires Jeff Norris former NASA engineer

Apple would currently employ some 1,000 people for augmented reality. The latest recruitment in this area is puzzling since it concerns a former engineer of NASA.

For augmented reality project, Apple hires from NASA
According to information provided by Bloomberg, Apple has hired at the beginning of the year a certain Jeff Norris, the engineer who previously worked with NASA.

It has obviously integrated the team of specialists formed by the Californian giant to advance on projects related to augmented reality. He would take on the role of Senior Manager in this department, where many observers would like to know what is going on.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information on this, but we know that at NASA, Jeff Norris founded the office called Mission Operations Innovation in the laboratory dedicated to propulsion research.

He was, therefore, working to create new ways to control space shuttles and robots in space using tools using virtual reality, as well as augmented reality. He has been involved in the design of several helmets for ground teams.

He joined NASA in 1999 and was hired to develop control software for Mars mission exploration vehicles.

Since March 2015, Apple has been working hard to build a team of experts around virtual and enhanced realities. The American firm had hired Mike Rockwell, technical manager of Dolby, who is today at the head of the Apple team dedicated to augmented reality.

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More recently, Apple hired a developer who had coded many plugins dedicated to virtual reality for Final Cut Pro software.

I see this as a huge idea, much like the smartphone. The smartphone is a product made for everyone, we do not have to think the iPhone for a particular market or a particular country. It is the same for augmented reality. This is something that will become very big, huge.


It remains to be seen how Apple will succeed in transforming the sums invested in this field; Some rumors talk about augmented reality glasses scheduled for 2018.

Glasses that would currently be tested within Apple, while reports believe the firm currently employs more than 1,000 people around its various augmented reality projects.

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