Asus unveils splash-proof Cerberus peripherals with added gaming bite

Asus has revealed a pair of new wallet-friendly gaming peripherals, namely a keyboard and mouse – along with an accompanying mouse mat – which are all named after Cerberus (the fearsome three-headed dog which watches over the gates of the underworld in Greek mythology).

The Cerberus Gaming Keyboard has a metal chassis for a durable build, and also benefits from a splash-proof design, allowing it to withstand the rigours of energy drink spillage which are possible in heated gaming moments. (Asus has even provided a drain hole inside so liquids can’t get trapped in the keyboard).

It also boasts LED backlighting (red or blue) and rubberised feet to help keep the keyboard steady during game sessions. You also get media playback keys (volume, play, pause etc.) and 12 dedicated macro keys to access custom commands with ease.

Ambidextrous mouse

Moving on to the Cerberus Gaming Mouse, this is a five-button optical mouse designed to be comfortable and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed folks.

It also boasts a DPI switch with four settings so you can adjust your mouse sensitivity on-the-fly – Asus has provided a colour LED indicator which lets you know what sensitivity level you’ve selected at a glance (the maximum sensitivity is 2500 DPI).

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Cerberus mouse

The mouse also has rubber side grips which are supposed to reduce any possible slippage if your hands get sweaty, and they should generally help those palms stay cool.

As well as these two peripherals, Asus is also bringing out the Cerberus Gaming Mouse Pad to go with the mouse. This is fashioned from a premium fabric, Asus says, for a nice feel and high level of control, plus it’s designed to be fray-resistant so it’ll last you a while.

All this lot will be available later in the month in the UK priced at £39.99 (around $58, AU$83), £19.99 (around $29, AU$41) and £9.99 (around $14, AU$21) for the keyboard, mouse and mouse mat respectively.

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