Asus could create a cheaper version of HoloLens alongside Microsoft

The Taiwanese from Asus could debut on the market for virtual reality devices soon.

When it comes to mobile phones, the Asus stood out last year by model ZenFone 2, a highly affordable phone in financial terms, with specific good enough for most users.

But one of the most popular sectors of the Taiwanese company is not yet approached the virtual reality. It might change in the future, and Asus could debut in this market by working extremely interesting even with Microsoft.

As stated Android Headlines company would launch a cheaper version of the device HoloLens presented a few months ago by Microsoft.


HoloLens HD has a transparent display that users can view both real world and virtual projections are based on a processor, video card and processor holographic specially created. It can give insight into what looked user and can project images.

However, HoloLens is for home users. Holographic Games works with Windows, so apps like Skype. Virtually any program that will run on Windows 10, will also run on Windows Holographic.

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Another Taiwanese company that could debut in this market as Gigabyte, which already has a partnership with Chinese from 3Glasses. The latter said they would like to launch a product on the US market next year.

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