Assassin’s Creed movie with a new poster

Ubisoft Motion Pictures and 20th Century Fox have released a brand new poster in which one of the characters played by Michael Fassbender contemplative city.

The film brings the spotlight on Callum Lynch, played by Fassbender. Lynch discovers that comes from an assassin from the XVth century with technology that unlocks genetic memories, manages to acquire the skills and knowledge of his ancestors.

The film’s executive producer Pat Crowley recently stated that 65% of the action is happening today and the remaining 35% in Spain XV century. And because the film adaptations of video games have not yet reached the potential expected by the public, the team in charge of the film Assassin’s Creed community hopes to restore confidence in such products.

assassins creed movie

The story of Assassin’s Creed franchise is based on the premise of the same name, but director Justin Kurzel held at all costs the film and something new to offer. And what did he do?

He opted to film sequences impressive stunts in real locations. It worked, for example, Malta and filmed “hot” scenes of parkour on the roofs of buildings.

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