Much more than a smartwatch: the Apple Watch is already your private cardiologist

Much more than a smartwatch: the Apple Watch is already your private cardiologistThe Apple Watch has evolved in concept and objectives since its launch. What initially sought to be a fashion accessory, a technological accessory and a health/fitness accessory now focuses mostly on the latter.

You only have to look at the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2, everything revolved around the activity you can do with it. And now, with Apple Heart Study … the Apple Watch is on track to become our new doctor (more or less).

Accessories certified by health organizations, accessories for the Apple Watch

Just last week came KardiaBand, the first electrocardiogram reader approved by the FDA that is an accessory for the Apple Watch. In Christian, the first real and reliable medical accessory used with the Apple Watch. AliveCor, the company behind this accessory has gotten it approved by the American medical association.

This means that the data it offers is 100% reliable and useful for a doctor to diagnose.

The KardiaBand is just a strap for the Apple Watch with different readers that allow you to take our electrocardiogram and show us the data in the Apple Watch or on the iPhone. The idea is to prevent diseases and have a correct reading of the cardiovascular rhythm.

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In addition to this, it has an internal program controlled by the artificial intelligence capable of analyzing the heart rate in different situations and moments to determine if there is a problem or not.

Data from thousands of people who help prevent diseases

Little by little, the Apple Watch is becoming the indispensable device if we worry about our health. And Apple is achieving this not only thanks to the multiple sensors it has, but also thanks to its health department.

The latest has been Heart Study, a project with which they seek to help in the investigation of heart problems through the data collected from millions of Apple Watch. But it is that all this began with HealthKit in iOS 8 and after that came CareKit and ResearchKit.

What does Apple intend with all this? Let your devices serve us in the most important part of our life: health. With research, it opens the doors to new studies on autism, epilepsy, and melanoma, CareKit seeks to take care of the iPhone.

The field of health is fundamental for Apple in the coming years, and the Apple Watch is a key device in all this.

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