Apple Watch 3, Renewed Design and Cellular Version with LTE Chips

apple watch 3

There are really few rumors emerging to date on the upcoming Apple Watch, all the attention seems to be focused on iPhone 8, which on the occasion of the den will eventually offer some more news than previous generations.

About Apple’s third-generation smartwatch, an unpublished Bloomberg report agrees again on the possible presence of an LTE chip in the cellular version of Apple Watch, one of the most recent rumors that have been voiced.

So this variant will be able to be stand-alone and completely stand-alone from the iPhone, Apple is already negotiating with major US vectors to offer support to the model with cellular connectivity. Bloomberg also claims that the LTE chip will be provided by Intel and that this model will probably come out late with respect to the standard one.

Commenting on Bloomberg’s report, John Gruber of Daring Fireball adds that Apple Watch 3 could radically change in form factor, differentiating from the first two models.

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The author classifies them as simple “rumors” coming from people close to the developments, however, Gruber is quite famous for being close to the California company and pretty accurate in anticipation, so should we expect a completely renewed Apple Watch?

We will only discover it next fall, the period in which the new smartwatch could be unveiled to the public.

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