Apple is one of the greats of the videogame world and has no console

Apple is one of the greats of the videogame world and has no console

Talking about Apple as a big man in the videogame world may sound a bit strange, but the truth is that if we approach this question from the perspective of income it makes a lot of sense, so much so that the numbers speak for themselves.

A study carried out by Newzoo analysts confirms that Apple obtained only 2,090 million dollars in revenue in the first quarter of 2018 through the games that are published in the App Store. If we make a total balance of that year in full we find an income of 9,450 million dollars.

These figures have allowed Apple to rank fourth in the top five companies that earned the most revenue in 2018 in the gaming sector, a ranking that is led by Tencent, Sony, and Microsoft. It is striking to see that despite the fact that the apple company does not have any console on the market, and that it has not developed any videogames, its revenues are so large.

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The explanation is very simple and, in fact, we have already seen a part of it, the games that are published through the App Store. These games leave a commission to Apple, but we must put this in line with the growing importance of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as platforms to play.

For example, an iPhone 8 has a six-core CPU, a very powerful GPU and is capable of running complex and high-quality games. The same applies to the iPad series, and with the iPod touch 2019, the apple company has confirmed its commitment to devices focused on entertainment, multimedia, and games.

Apple is now completing an important transition to the services sector to improve their income and reduce their dependence on iPhone sales, a movement that has also been partially oriented towards video games and has in Apple Arcade its great exponent.

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