Apple updates its security guide for iOS and reiterates that Face ID is not a substitute for a password

Apple updates its security guide for iOS and reiterates that Face ID

At a time when the protection of our iOS devices is more than ever in the present, Apple has updated its security guide for iOS 11 in which it describes all the measures that are applied in the system. This guide is aimed at security professionals, although any curious person can read it.

The update of the security guide is usually done regularly (this is the first time it has been done since the launch of the iPhone X), but this time there are some interesting new details about the operation of Face ID and Apple Pay Cash.

Face ID increases comfort but does not abandon the password

About Apple ID, the security guide insists that its main purpose is to make secure access to our devices more comfortable. In no case should be taken as a substitute for the password, which should always be placed at certain times in which Face ID is not enough to secure our data.

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In fact, if Face ID fails five times in a row, the password will be absolutely necessary to unlock the iPhone.

As for Apple Pay Cash, Apple details that it can not access the identity confirmation data of the user who makes a payment or receives money with that service.

These data are verified independently, and Apple’s servers are responsible for encryption which in turn can only work with the so-called Secure Element of the iPhone chip.

The idea, as always, is to make clear through official documentation that Apple invests many resources in making iOS the safest possible system.

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