Apple TV joins the party of automatic synchronization with AirPods thanks to tvOS 11

When Apple introduced the AirPods in September last year, one of its star features was its ability to automatically sync with our devices.

Thus, when paired with an iPhone, AirPods appeared as a Bluetooth device for audio playback on all computers in the same iCloud account. This meant that the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that shared the account of Apple could make use of technology that encloses the W1 chip.

MacOS, iOS, and watchOS. Is nobody missing? Yes, TVOS was left out of the benefits that brought not only the AirPods but also the headphones Beats with this chip.

Here it seems that Apple gave priority to the most mobile devices and devices since they are the ones that can most benefit from wireless audio. The Apple TV, being “anchored” in the living room and tied to a television, passed into the background.

Luckily for those who expected a change, TVOS 11 brings good news: Apple TV will show the AirPods as audio output. And it does from this first beta, which we can be almost sure will appear in the final version.

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Games, music, podcasts, series, and movies without disturbing anyone

With tvOS 10, an AirPod user can use them like any other headset by linking them to any other Bluetooth device. The problem is that this way you lose one of its main advantages, which is automatic synchronization.

Doing it manually is not an insurmountable obstacle, but adds annoyance to the user experience.

The W1 chip creates a kind of ecosystem with which it connects automatically. When leaving it, its advantages are lost

When you synchronize a headset with the W1 chip with a device that does not have this integration, you “lose” the automatic connection with the devices connected to the iCloud account.

That is, you must re-connect the headphones with this chip to enjoy its advantages.

Once TVOS 11 arrives at fourth-generation Apple TV, the situation will change. Users of both devices will gain this feature that is comfortable enough to consume content at home or in the living room without disturbing anyone in the home.

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