Apple to Start abandon the Macbook Air products. The cheapest model was removed from Offer

The new MacBook Pro laptops have been in the spotlight in Apple event the last week, but Air series has not received much attention.

It was used in the presentation to demonstrate how new models are thin, but was not brought up to date with hardware, like “young” brothers.

It seems that range Air lost a member since Apple comes at this time a single model, with the display of 13 “and hardware last year.

After presenting “hello again” Apple’s official store of the company has withdrawn from marketing model display Macbook Air 11″. It is officially out of the offer, available for purchase only at the display of 13″.

Unfortunately, the Air which is sold officially not received any upgrade. It comes with the same configuration listed on the site since last year, probably the last model to bear the name.

Thus, Apple is now on the market only laptops that cost from $ 1,000 upwards. Macbook Air 13″ Display now costs $ 999, followed by Old Macbook Pro Retina 13″ at $ 1,299 and the MacBook 12 “also in 1299.

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Following the significant reduction in the size of new Macbook Pro models, it seems that not much Air series takes place in Apple offer.

This is not the first time Apple gives up its old products. Before launching the new Macbook Pro 12 “, Macbook company dropped the series (not Pro or Air) for several years.

However, it reappears Air brand a few years in a redesigned form. Currently, however, it seems that soon we will remain with only two types of laptops Apple.

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