Apple releases iOS 11.1.1 with minor bug fixes

Last week, Apple released iOS 11.1 along with updates for watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. Nine days later, the Cupertino company has released iOS 11.1.1 to solve minor errors experienced by some users. An iOS version that has not gone through the betas program, which is already on iOS 11.2.

An annoying bug fixed

Users have been experiencing a bug as annoying as it is strange. When typing the word “I”, the predictive text system corrected it as “A [?]”, Which given the frequency with which it is used in English could be a problem at the time of writing.

The only solutions that existed until now were to deactivate the predictive keyboard or create a shortcut on the keyboard that returned the characters to the initial intention of the user.

Apple has not wanted to wait to launch iOS 11.2 that already corrected the problem, but it probably takes a few more weeks to arrive.

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The origin of this error is uncertain and the company has not made it public, although it is said that it could be related to an error in the automatic learning in iOS.

In any case, Apple has already solved the bug as well as one that made Oye Siri stop working. As can be seen in the image above, the download hardly occupies 45MB of space, confirming that it is a minor update.

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