Dan Riccio: Apple never considered putting Touch ID on the iPhone X

iPhone X

Now that the iPhone X is touring the internet officially, we learned a detail about its development. Matthew Panzarino writing for TechCrunch was able to interview Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware, and asked him about rumors about the possible inclusion of Touch ID in the iPhone X. Rumors that Riccio denies completely.

Touch ID was completely parked on the iPhone X

I heard the rumor that we could not get Touch ID to work under the glass, so that forced us to eliminate it. As soon as we realized that Face ID could be as good as it was, we knew that if we were successful we could build the product we wanted to make, so we could burn the bridges and make a bet with everything.

This is assuming it was the best solution. And that’s what we did. So we did not spend any time trying to put the fingerprint scanner in the back, under the screen or on the side because if we did, which would be a last minute change, would have been a distraction on what we wanted to achieve with Face ID and its high quality.

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No Touch ID under the screen, neither in the back nor in a side as some smartphones of the competition. Apple wanted to “burn the bridges” as soon as it saw that Face ID could meet their demands. A decision that could have been made as early as mid-2016 or earlier.

However, there are patents that show that Apple explored the idea of integrating Touch ID under the screen of the iPhone. A patent application that was made in August, but that does not imply that Apple was weighing this technology just two weeks before the presentation of the iPhone X.

Often, companies devote resources to exploring technologies that they do not go anywhere. But they patent to be able to plant a flag on them and claim them as theirs, given the effort they have been able to devote can be significant.

It can also be a way to give recognition to the author of the technology, even if it does not materialize.

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