Apple releases a minor upgrade to Final Cut Pro X and iMovie

Final Cut Pro X and iMovie are the two video editors of Apple, the professional and the simplified for the masses respectively if you are a user of any of them, there is a new update available for you in the Mac App Store to solve small problems and Improve stability.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro 10.3.4 is the version that fixes these errors and the latest update available. It solves a problem with keyboard shortcuts for trimming secondary storylines.

In addition, an existing problem is solved when making and editing audio and displaying a codec error.

This update, as we have commented, is minor, the last major update of Final Cut Pro X was version 10.3 in autumn with the launch of the new MacBook Pro. This update showed us an updated interface for the whole program and new sliders among other things.

As for iMovie, version 10.1.6 has arrived and brings us stability improvements when updating the libraries. It also fixes an error that reduced the volume of the clips in some cases after applying a transition.

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Like Final Cut Pro X, iMovie received a major upgrade late last year with the arrival of the new MacBook Pro.

Remember that you can buy Final Cut Pro X and iMovie from the Mac App Store for 329.99 euros and respectively free. These two updates, like all, are free.

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