Apple might make it easier for iPhone users to switch to Android

Apple may be about to make it a lot simpler to switch from the iPhone to an Android phone.

The rumour is that Apple is building a tool to make it easier to put your contacts, photos and other data onto an Android handset.

It would work in a similar way to the ‘Move To iOS’ app on the Google Play Store, but obviously the other way around.

An “industry source” has spoken to The Telegraph and claimed Apple will be making the tool after pressure from a selection of European telecom operators.

Bridging the divide

Apparently, with only a limited amount of customers switching over to Android after being integrated in iOS, it means it weakens operator’s commercial negotiations with Apple.

Apple is working on the tool at the moment, but there’s no confirmation it will ever see the light of day.

It’d be another step away from former CEO Steve Jobs’ vision for the iPhone as he believed in locking customers further into the ecosystem and wouldn’t want to see customers leaving iOS.

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Apple hasn’t confirmed the news but the rumour seems to come from a competent source, however we don’t expect to see anything come from the company until it’s ready to release official news.

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