Apple MacBook Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Pro – The Showdown Starts

If someone is planning to buy a good laptop, the best options available are between Microsoft and Apple, who have ruled the computer industry for a long time. Wherein Apple is offering laptops with the smartphone enthused features and Microsoft is providing Surface Pro as a tablet that is capable of replacing the laptop.

Apple MacBook Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Pro

Both are providing latest innovative features in their devices. To compare duo, here are some comparisons based on features and specifications:


Microsoft surface has an innovative pivot design which provides an angle to the screen with detachable 13.5 inches display. The dimensions of the screen in Microsoft are 312.2 x 232.1 x 22.8 mm and it weighs around 1.516kg. This device has a beautiful touchscreen display and has surface Pen for note-taking and drafting.

MacBook Pro has a slim design with the aluminum body and expandable Force touch trackpad which remains attached to it. Its dimensions are 304.1 x 212.4 x 14.9 mm and it weighs at 1.37 kg. It has a touch bar with AMOLED panel that replaces the keys at the topmost line on the keyboard. It also has a touch ID sensor that helps user while doing online payments and provides dedicated control on the device.

If we compare both devices as per design, MacBook is more compact and portable whereas Surface is potentially more flexible but is bulky.


Both the devices have sixth Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 CPU. Both also are equipped with 8 GB and 16 GB RAM.
Microsoft Surface has 128 GB storage capacity whereas MacBook has 256 GB storage capacity. MacBook offers 540 and 550 INTEL Iris graphics according to the model and has a single option for AMD Radeon GPU. The Microsoft Surface has varied options of graphics like Intel HD graphics at entry level and discrete GPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M up to i7 model. Microsoft has more powerful graphics options as compared to Apple.

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Operating system

Surface Book Pro has windows 10 operating system with the best touch features. It has Microsoft Cortana VR assistant to send and receive the text from the Android paired devices.

MacBook Pro runs on Mac operating system Sierra, which is one of the latest OS of Apple for Macs. This operating system can sync all the Apple devices together which carry iCloud, iMessage or Siri.

Both the devices Microsoft Surface and Apple’s MacBook Pro are equally good with one having MacOS and other one Windows 10 OS, but the advantage of Windows OS will be more if using gaming.


The basic model of Microsoft Surface starts from $1499 which gets features of the detachable screen and Surface Pen. The model with dedicated graphics starts from $1899 and the top most model is priced at $2400.
The 13-inch model of MacBook starts at $1799 and the 15-inch model priced at $1999.

As far as prices are concerned MacBook Looks cheaper but the winner will be Surface where the user gets more features and powerful dedicated graphics processor as well.

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