Apple launches iOS 11.2 and does so only hours after the last beta

Rare, very strange what happened with iOS 11.2. Beta 5 was launched four days ago, beta 6 was launched yesterday, not even 24 hours ago, and today we see breakfast interrupted by the final version of iOS 11.2 available to everyone.

I think I’ve never seen such an accelerated launch, especially with two very recent betas behind.

But the release is what it is, so we can all update to this version in a stable and without problems. The download measures between 300 and 500 MB depending on the device you have and the official notes highlights the arrival of Apple Pay Cash in the United States.

By the way, iOS 11.2 also fixes a very recent error that has appeared with notifications on some devices.

Faster wireless charging

iOS 11.2 also allows wireless charging of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X using a power 7.5W. It charges like this faster than with the 5W cable adapter that comes with the iPhone, but slower than if we used the iPad’s 12W adapter. For those who want to get rid of the cables, it is very good news.

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A more discreet detail that debuts with iOS 11.2 are a small line under the battery and Wi-Fi signal indicators of the iPhone X.

It only appears on the lock screen, indicating that from there you can swipe down to invoke the control center.

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