Apple Focused on Building an Autonomous Driving System

More than 90 percent of car crashes in the US  are thought to involve some form of driver error. Eliminating this error would, over the course of two years, save as many people as the country lost in the Vietnam War. It’s easy to see why companies with their own operating systems (Apple, Microsoft, and Google) are investing in autonomous driving software and technologies.

Apple seems to be leading the pack as they continue to make strides in the area of software as opposed to focus on automobile construction. Whereas the focus originally began on electric vehicles, Apple adjusted their focus to rely more heavily on the “underlying technology” for autonomous vehicles rather than actually building an electric car.

Confirmation & Approvals from California’s DMV

In June of 2017, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook confirmed that that the company was working on autonomous driving software. In his statements about autonomous systems, he noted that

“It’s a core technology that we view as very important. We sort of see it as the mother of all AI projects. It’s probably one of the most difficult AI projects actually to work on.” This not only brings about advancements in road technology, but this type of software can be used to enhance many other industries.

As of 2017, Apple was granted permits from the California DMV to conduct self-driving road tests and sent out several Lexus SUVs with a range of different sensors running the company’s self-driving software. Outlets have reported that new LIDAR equipment was spotted in August of 2017, and it was noted that as of May 2018, Apple has 62 vehicles out on the road using its autonomous driving software.

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How This Changes the Auto Industry

This type of software undoubtedly raises questions concerning safety, auto insurance and overall integration into transportation industries in the public and private sectors. These questions, such as how autonomous cars will make ethical decisions and who will be responsible for providing accurate protection of vehicles in the form of insurance coverage, how will streets and parking garages change, and how the job market will have to develop in order to make room for the technologies are all reasonable, and as companies begin to further integrate the technology into real-life situations that involve customers and feedback, it will become clearer just how much of an impact they will have.

Apple’s Autonomous Software Will Enhance Safety & Experience

This type of software essentially has the ability to allow machines to make a bunch of quick decisions that could drastically reduce traffic fatalities, improve the efficiency of a transportation grid, and help solve things like carbon emissions that are contributing to global warming. However, these technologies can be applied to other industries.

Choosing to efficiently work to reduce human error through the introduction of autonomous software will benefit customer experience, targeted marketing, and overall enhancement in product development across various cultures, products and companies.

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