Apple does not intend to allow Face ID of the iPhone X to recognize more than one face

The facial recognition system in 3D Face ID of the iPhone X was one of the great novelties next to the one that supposes the own OLED screen without frames. A biometric security system that has generated some debate about its reliability.

Around this discussion, now it is revealed that Apple’s plans do not go through to facilitate that the Face ID function of the iPhone X recognizes the face of more users than the owner, unlike the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Although it is not the fastest on the market, it does appear to be one of the most sophisticated security systems, despite some of the most shocking failures shown on video during the past few weeks.

Under that debate of whether it is so effective or not, a user has contacted Apple to make a simple, but interesting question: can the Face ID system of the iPhone X recognize more than one face to validate access to the system?

Face ID of the iPhone X, only active for the owner

Maybe you have not stopped to think about it, but the three-dimensional facial recognition system of the iPhone X is only functional for one person.

It is only possible to memorize and recognize a profile, a face. This limitation differs significantly with respect to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor of previous iPhone generations since among the settings there is the possibility of saving up to five fingerprints.

This marked contrast of options has led a regular user of Reddit to send an email to the very Craig Federighi – senior vice president of the software department of Apple – in which he exposes the doubt.

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User states that with previous iPhone models that had a fingerprint sensor, Touch ID allowed access to the phone to his wife by memorizing one of his fingerprints. A very practical option in situations such as when he is behind the wheel and asks his wife to check his smartphone for any reason.

However, the part in which the Apple worker lets see that Face ID has been designed and optimized for a single user lets see between the lines that there is no intention that this will stop being so.

Moreover, before the example of the fingerprint sensor Touch ID, the manager indicates that Touch ID was never designed for several users, but rather for the owner to memorize several fingerprints in order to facilitate the same could use several fingers to unlock your iPhone depending on the needs.ouch ID was not designed for multiple users

In short, a question to know if Apple intends to allow the Face ID recognition system of the iPhone X to recognize a posteriori more than one side, just as it does allow Touch ID.

Federighi has allegedly replied to said user, as can be seen in the capture that exposes both emails. The response of the manager is not entirely clear, but we could interpret it as a way of being politically correct.

And is that Craig appreciates the appreciation of the user indicating that Apple could consider the proposal in the future.

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