Tim Cook: “Apple is aggressively investing in Mac’s future”

In addition to releasing the financial results for its second fiscal quarter of 2017, Apple CEO revealed a couple more details related to the company’s plans during the press call.

MacBook Pro

According to AppleInsider, in the conference call, Tim Cook stated that the apple signature is “aggressively investing” on the Mac, noting that this product will have major changes in the coming years.

During the call, Cook further stated that his Mac business has generated more than $ 25 billion in revenue for the company during the last four quarters.

“We are aggressively investing in its future and we are very excited about the innovation we can bring to the platform,” said Tim Cook

Although computers were Apple’s core business in its early years, services and mobile devices now represent a more important percentage of the company’s turnover.

However, in the most recent financial results, we found that the Mac category accounted for 14% revenue growth, a new record for a fiscal second quarter. This growth was due to the sales of the new MacBook Pro.

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