Bad news for Apple affiliates: app download fees are reduced

The Apple affiliate program is the one that allows anyone who is part of the program to get a small commission for each application that users install by recommending it.

Apple affiliates

It is a tool that allows media and people with knowledge about apps to not only recommend quality applications to users, without being able to earn income for it.

For each type of content that the user bought from iTunes, the commission that took the intermediary was different. But of all of them, the most relevant has always been the applications. For every application that was purchased with an affiliate link, it was obtained a 7% profit.

The affiliate links generate small commissions to the intermediary that do not affect the final price of the customer

As we indicated, bad news for those who belong to the affiliate program. If up to now Apple offered 7% this is reduced from May 1 to 2.5% The change is considerable and does not affect other content such as Apple Music music or movies.

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However, for those who depend on these commissions, they will have to find another way to finance themselves.


Do you know these pages and apps that show you when an app happens to be free or is on sale? These are services that depend exclusively on these commissions and will now have to be reinvented.

Others have been cautious and have diversified their income for some time, such as the well-known portal MacStories where Federico Viticci and his colleagues recommend day by day how to squeeze the benefits of iOS and its apps.

Does this change affect you as a user? Not much, if you use app recommendation services you will see how they will show more advertising or other content.

You will also see how many media that previously published applications and games in offers will stop doing it because it simply stops being profitable.

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