The App Store already allows apps to run code: as long as it’s for education, development or testing


During the WWDC this year Apple has made important changes for developers, most of them have practically no relevance to the final customers, since it does not affect us, but others come full and show us the way forward for the next few years.

For example, the fact that Apple allows apps to download and run the code.

As we can see in the App Store Review Guidelines, there is a small change as to the prohibition of executing external code. So far no app could do it, and Apple has always been a very strict company in this.

Avoiding code execution has prevented the installation of malicious software inside the devices

The regulation continues to prohibit the execution of an external code, although there is one exception:

Applications designed to teach, develop or test, may run a code, under limited circumstances, download a code that is not used for another purpose. These apps should make the code you run be fully visible and editable for the user.

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In other words, Apple will allow third-party applications from the App Store to download and run a code.

One step closer to being able to program from an iPad or iPhone.

Swift Playgrounds so far was the only application that allowed it in a sense, from now on we will be able to see third party applications coming to the iPad and who knows, maybe even an Apple Xcode for iOS at a time.

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